4 thoughts on “If I ever own a creepy haunted mansion…

  1. They are a set. You can’t break up the set. Have you and the sibs already decided what to do with them….someday? I always thought it looked like you were taking an oath in a court of law. And that was a terrible 1974 bowl cut!

    Sorry that we aren’t able to get together. Next time. Hope you survive the fun, and my deepest sympathies to Mrs. 20P. Get her a nice gift.

    • I’m planning to donate them to the Holland Land Office Museum.

      My Bratty Big Sis refers to that as my Bible Salesman picture.

  2. dude, this is hilarious. I mean, really hilarious. It almost makes me want to break out the kindergarten portrait my mother had done where I’m wearing an orange polyester jumpsuit with a cat head pattern. Thousands of feline heads, row after row after row…

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