The season of slush

On my drive to work this morning the sun was a huge red ball of fire rising in the East. And while it may not have been strong enough to warm my hands, but it sure warmed my soul. So here I sit at the end of another week, sipping my coffee and looking out the window lost in daydreams. How is this any different from my usual mornings? I’ve no idea, but it sure feels different.


So dear readers I’m sure you’ve been asking yourself, “So Mr. 20 Prospect, what’s with all the mushy stuff lately?”. Well I’ve always been very prone to seasonal affected disorder. My mood, and spirits cycle with the seasons. For no reason that I understand, February and March have always made me feel pensive and romantic. Perhaps it’s the red construction paper hearts, and candy of Valentine’s Day. More likely it’s the effect of 3 months of sunlight deprivation on my pineal gland. Whatever the reason, my blog posts tend to take on a bleak and austere romantic hue. Don’t believe me? Well check out the archives to the right and I’ll prove it. —>


It’s also the time of year that I first met Mrs. 20 Prospect. Coincidence? I think not. I’ve told that story before, but the spring of 1992 was without a doubt one of the most wonderful ones in my life, thanks in no small part to her entry into my world. 21 years later we are still going strong. Here’s hoping for at least another 21.

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