The World Can Wait

I wake to the sound of birds singing in the trees outside our window. Already the sun is spilling a pink glow over the rim of the world, its soft light diffusing into the bedroom. She lies with her back to me, her stillness broken only by the soft sounds of her breathing. I snuggle closer, taking great care not to wake her. Slipping my arm over her I feel her warmth as it begins to fill me.

This is not a special day. Just one more morning in a lifetimes worth of mornings. Responsibilities await, and soon the day will be upon us with it’s relentless distractions, but for this moment nothing else matters. There is just her and I and the sounds of birds, as I feel the slow rising and falling of her breath. Laying my head beside hers on the pillow I smell her reassuring scent, and close my eyes. Drifting into the borderlands of sleep my mind let’s go of all attachment to this world, and I am floating, rising slowly aloft on the wings of dream.

Some men will spend their lives in pursuit of wealth, glory, power, or fame. I will not be one of them. Like the birds that sing in the trees I have discovered the secret of life, and this morning she is sleeping within these arms.


2 thoughts on “The World Can Wait

  1. Welcome back! I have been reading your posts from my email inbox. You’re like a starving person finally getting to the food table. You are just ON FIRE! As I read your words, I remembered how I felt before you left: “Why do I even bother to publish my dribble when there are awesome writers who can really write?!”

    I hate you.

    OK. I don’t really hate you. I am just feeling small and inadequate… 🙂

    All kidding aside though, dude, so glad you are back sharing your words with us. I love this post.

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