Goodbye Big City

Our spring break comes to an end today. Six days in and we’ve had all we can take. Lil’ Miss 20Prospect is done with her leadership conference, mourning the separation from her new friends. Mrs. 20Prospect is fighting off a late spring cold, and me and the boy are just plain tired.

This city always amazes me at its shear enormity. It goes on forever in every direction but one. The blue crescent of the lake carving right through its heart. There’s a part of me that would thrill at living in the middle of these concrete and glass canyons, but I know my soul needs more space than this. Even our suburban twin cities paradise feels restricting after awhile.

Back home the responsibilities are lining up like planes coming in for a landing. It’s time. Life awaits, and dream all I want about escape into the country, the reality is none of this is possible without that. Time to put on my big boy pants and get back to work.


5 thoughts on “Goodbye Big City

  1. Glad you enjoyed Chicago. Saw the pictures you took and you seemed to have covered all the must sees. I love how you described we all have to face reality in order for it to be even possible to think of the dreams. Or I guess we should also start buying lottery tickets….

    Welcome home!

  2. Have exchanged my “big boy pants” for loose fitting old guy pants -. pulled up really high. Or really long shorts highlighted by brown shoes and black socks. Ah, life IS exceedingly good..

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