Opening Day

Happy April Fools everyone! I know I’m supposed to put together some sort of tomfoolery or skulduggery to trick you all today, but the heck with it. You ain’t getting any. It’s opening day! Not just of the MLB season, but of my next round of classes! So I get to act all professorial today. (tilts head forwards, looks over his glasses, frowns)

It’s also the day my lovely and talented editor is returning the final edits on manuscript. Woot! Now it’s just up to me to set the type, layout the chapters, nip & tuck, design a cover (done), write a blurb, and hit “publish” on If all goes according to plan, it should be available for purchase in the next 2 weeks!

The new book website is up and running!

The facebook page is up and running!

The marketing plan for global domination has begun!


2 thoughts on “Opening Day

  1. Imagine if you were all ” hey come read my book!” And then tonight you returned to this entry to mock us with the surprise knowledge that the entire thing was a two year long, elaborate, April fools joke?
    And you were all ” Gullible, morons! I’m taking a tropical vacation and dining only on lobster sandwiches and coconut milk harvested by only hand picked virgins shipped in from Iceland! There is no book! Tally Ho!”
    And then you changed your identity and moved to a whole new set of readers and did the whole thing over and over ?

    Yeah, I bet that’s what really happened.

    Seriously, congrats!!!!!!

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