Won’t be long now!

I’m getting close! Oh, so close to releasing the book. After multiple last second corrections by my lovely and talented editor I have finished formatting the book, and uploaded it into the publishing software. The cover design is also complete, along with the back cover “blurb”, and author photo. (BTW-Anyone good at photoshop? Please email me)

The proof should be arriving in the next week. If everything looks good, it could be released as early as next weekend. To everyone who has prodded, cajoled and encouraged me to see this through to completion, you have no one to blame but yourselves.

Here is the cover… “Thomas Gahr” is my pen name. My real name of course is Mr. 20 Prospect.


4 thoughts on “Won’t be long now!

  1. I have a copy of photoshop — good at it is another story. I use it to touch up old photos — beyond that, and I’m lost and looking for tutorials…

  2. Will there be a book launch? A tour? Literary groupies with bad manners?

    Seriously though, this is amazing!

    Did you get to have one of those obligatory fights with your editor about a pivotal scene that you insisted be left in while she fought tooth and nail for its removal?

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