another pointless post about the weather…

Sweet Jesus but it is a glorious Minnesota morning. Brilliant sunshine and crystalline blue skies overhead, a sharp chill in the air as we climb from 39 degree up to the mid 60’s. The leaves have blossomed into little yellow-green cotton balls on the branches, and the lawn is full of velvety tufts of new grass. Welcome to Minnesota Spring!!!! Where the hell have you been for the last 6 weeks?


Yes, I am drunk on life this morning. That and ice coffee. Black, cold, bitter, and strong, just like the winter nights we have left behind. It is full on spring from here on out. Time to play ball. 20 Prospect Jr.’s 6th grade baseball team has already missed 3 weeks of games, and with summer ball starting there’s no time to make them all up. So our next week will be filled with nightly games of ball. These are the years to enjoy it. In another 3 years he’ll be on to real coaches, and I’ll be sitting on the cold aluminum bleachers lamenting the passing of my second childhood. What the hell will I do with my free time when I can no longer live vicariously through my children’s athletic accomplishments?


One thought on “another pointless post about the weather…

  1. I played some variation of ball until I was forty. I knew I was truly old sometime in my fifties when I didn’t have the urge to play ball in Spring.

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