Hi, I’m Troy McClure…


When I used to dream about becoming an author I had this picture in my mind. I’d be sitting in a chair at a desk in a simple cabin somewhere, having “writerly” thoughts, and waiting for my checks to arrive in the mail from the publisher. Maybe I’d wear a tweed jacket, and smoke a pipe. I never dreamed that I’d be spending so much time on the internet schlepping myself around like an escort service.

Oh sure, I read all the articles about how the publishing industry has changed. How it is the responsibility of the author to market their own books. How the average # of copies sold for a new self published book is around 100.

So I shouldn’t be surprised. I knowingly chose this route. I figured I could spend 6-12 months schlepping myself to agents and publishers, or I could cut to the chase and just self publish and spend that time selling books. I have no regrets.

But the simple truth is that reviews sell books. To get reviews though, you’ve got to sell yourself. To media, to bloggers, to people on the street. (Little known fact: Every time a person reviews a book on Amazon an author gets his wings.) Other than word of mouth, book reviews are the most important influence in buying a book. As a self published author I can forget about getting reviewed in the NY Times, or Kirkus, or any publishing industry outlet. My best hope is to have readers provide reviews using sites like Amazon, or Goodreads.

So I’m asking.



If you read the book and liked it, please take a moment of your time to go onto Amazon and leave a review. I will be forever indebted to you.


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