Actual Letter I’ve sent to Bloggers

Dear Book Blogger,

I am a longtime blogger ( just pretend you’ve heard of it) and first time novelist who is in desperate need of validation looking to promote my book. Like all Indie authors I am driving my Facebook friends, and blog followers crazy by talking about it all the time. To help give them all a well deserved break from my endless spamming I am now reaching out to book club bloggers and spamming them instead. I hope you don’t mind.

Anyway, what I’d like to ask you is “would you be willing to accept a free copy of my book to:
a.) read at your leisure
b.) mention on your blog if you like it
c.) use as a coaster for your coffee cup

d.) point and laugh at behind my back. (Or to my face for that matter)

I am not sure if you would consider an independent author for review, but I thought I would ask the question. While the book is self published, I used a free lance editor so the grammar is gooder than most self published works. The book is called: Box-Shaped Heart and it is a fictional retelling of a famous murder/scandal from the 1880’s. My Mom is very proud of it.

Here is a link to the book’s website:

here is link to an article about the book in a real newspaper:

and finally here is a picture of my dogs using their puppy dog eyes to ask you to review my book.


Seriously, how could you say no to them?

So I would love to send you either a hard copy of the book, or an electronic copy to look through, with the hope that you would take a moment of your valuable time to look at it before pointing and laughing. Please let me know if you are interested.

Kind Regards,

Mr. 20 Prospect


5 thoughts on “Actual Letter I’ve sent to Bloggers

  1. I will point and laugh at you for a fee of twenty dollars.
    Seriously though- I haven’t finished the book yet ( I bought it on my Kindlefire) so I haven’t left a review …
    However, I will run to the Amazon site when I do and leave one- can I talk about how I loved the book but the author himself is a mad man ? Because that would make you mysterious with a dash of danger!!

    • Absolutely. Tell the world about my megalomaniacal quest for world domination! As a mysterious villain I’m trying to decide what affectation to use as my trademark. What do you think about an eye patch?

      • An eye patch conveys the idea that you are but a mere mortal– or that you are at least susceptible to having your eye poked out.

        You need a Kevlar vest and angry eyes.

        • Also- grow an out of control beard and stop mowing your lawn.. And maybe let your dogs roam the new wild grounds sniffing out literary groupies.

  2. Don’t grow the crazy beard. With all due respect to the venerable Dufmanno, the crazy beard, coupled with the cabin in the woods will make you appear more Ted Kaczynski than Walt Whitman.
    By the way, my autographed copies arrived in Batavia yesterday but are being held captive by the evil, brown clad henchmen of Dr. Ups. I will pry the books from his villainous hands, give it a good read and write a scathing review on Amazon. Thank you for signing those for my wife.

    Your devoted fan,

    “Jimmy” Sutherland (I threw the ‘MY’ on the end in true Notre Dame fashion)

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