Goodbye Cruel Internet

Well, I suppose I may as well stop pretending that I am still blogging. Honestly, I’ve lost all desire. It’s not you dear Interwebz, it’s me. No really. I’m just not ready for a commitment. Don’t worry though, we can still be friends.

PS – I’m sure you’ll find that special blogger someday.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Cruel Internet

  1. Wrong!
    You’ll be back. I sound like the wife beater standing in the door way while you walk outside with your poorly packed suitcase to go to your mothers house:D
    Just consider yourself a drive by writer. When the mood hits you come in and drop one ….then you drive off fast and lay low for a bit!

  2. You’ll never get the the interwebz out of your system. NEVER!!! Like dufmanno said, you can post whenever you feel the inspiration hit (be it once a month/year/decade).

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