We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you…

Skiing. Because it’s winter. Suck it El Nino, after a pissy St. Louis type start to the season we finally got some motherfucking snow. So I’ve been skiing pretty much every god damned day, because I have no faith that it’s going to last longer than a week. And by skiing I mean cross country skiing. Because I only go down hills that I am capable of skiing up. I consider this a good rule of thumb for preserving my ACL. Aging sucks.

But I am in better shape at the moment than I have been since… probably June. When you get to 47 you have a decision to make. Exercise, or Scotch. Thankfully, this is not a yes / no question.

So I exercise in the hopes of extending my life long enough to maximize my Scotch enjoyment. Because really, a life without Scotch just isn’t worth living.

In other news I’m looking at property in Thunder Bay. Because God damn climate change. Or maybe just Grand Marais, because I am not sure I could put up with a bunch of Prius driving Canadians all the god damned time.

Oh… Happy New Year!

Now you kids get off of my lawn!

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