Skol Vikings

The biggest news in Minnesota this weekend without a doubt, has been the playoff game between the Vikings and the Cowboys. While I am far from being a Viking fan, I place the Cowboys among the most heinous things known to mankind. Growing up in a rust belt town will do that I guess. In the 1970’s the Cowboys represented everything that Buffalo did not. Warmth, money, fame, and cheerleaders in hot pants. America’s team my @ss. Whenever playoff time rolled around I would cheer for the Bills, and against the Cowboys.

Of course in the 1970’s the Bills weren’t in the playoffs.

This weekend’s matchup brings back memories of 1975. To Viking fans the 1975 playoff against the Cowboys was their “wide right moment”. The fact that the Vikes would go to 4 Superbowls in the 70’s and lose everyone, wihtout so much as a whimper, seems to be forgotten. What they remember is this play.

The Hail Mary Pass is born...

I can recall sitting in front of the TV with Dad (another Cowboy hater) watching that game. Back then a 7 year old kid could watch football on TV without getting an education in er@ctile dysfunction, or n@tural m@le enh@ncement. I don’t recall them airing graphic commercials for slasher flicks either. Ah, simpler times. That was BF, (Before Fox).

When Pearson caught that pass, I can remember screaming at the TV, “he pushed off! he pushed off!”. But the ref never threw the flag, and the Cowboys won. So I can feel the local’s pain, and understand the trepidation with which they viewed the game this weekend. Which makes the victory all the sweeter. If only they could have scored a few more touchdowns, and really rubbed the Cowboys’ noses in it.

I never get tired of watching this jerk pout…


Skol, Vikings, Skol

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