August 7th, 2012. 8:41pm. On the shore of Thousand Island Lake in Watersmeet, Michigan. The novel is finished.


26 thoughts on “Fini

  1. Victory!!!!
    Also, stop setting and accomplishing all these goals on a perfect timeline because it really reflects poorly on me when I’m sitting in this hammock and scarfing down cheetos.

  2. Ok, now that I’ve got all my tomfoolery out of the way- down to serious business.
    Did you sing up for Amazon’s Kindle self publishing service and Smashwords yet? I think Barnes & Nobel have one too. Details!!

  3. Oh and I know you’ve got to WORK and stuff like that but we need editorial updates on the novel. Has it left your hands yet? Any revisions? Cuts? Did you have to add a vampire to appease your agent?

    • The editor is due to start on it in September. She’ll have a month to bleed red ink on it, then I will spend the remainder of the year sulking, and procrastinating making the changes.

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