Turn it on…

The switch is flipped, and the machine hums to life. A little dusty, but apparently still functional. Excuse me while I clear some of the cobwebs from the browser.

There, that’s better. Well dear interwebs, how have you been? It’s been a long time hasn’t it. I wonder if any of you are still there. The past year I’ve seen so many wonderful blogs go dark, that I have begun to question the death of blogging as a social media. I blame it on the book of faces, and twittering. Sure, I’ve done my share of both, and I see the attraction; Low commitment, low effort, similar results. But I need more. Yes, I really am that desperate for the attention of others. 140 character tweets, and banal postings about what I “like”, just don’t feed my insatiable ego the way that blogging does.

So I’m back.

I can’t say for sure how often I’ll write. Or even what I’ll write about. Yes, I have finally run out of ex-girlfriends to write wistful stories of teenage longing about. It had to happen eventually. Mostly I’m back because the book of Victorian Smut is off to my editor for its final edit. So I’ve got no more excuse for ignoring you dear interwebs.

Also I’m here to pimp my book. Eventually. Once I put it up on Amazon and storm the world with my marketing blitz and promotional tour that is. You knew there had to be a catch.

15 thoughts on “Turn it on…

  1. Tom? Hmmm… Tom… Tom… No! Don’t tell me! I know that name from somewhere. Dammit! I’m so close to remembering…

    KIDDING! Just kidding. I knew you’d be back one day. I never *sniffle* gave up hope.

    • Thanks Mary! I’ll be talking about the book more as I get closer to publishing. I’m working on a dedicated website and FB page for the book.

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